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Son Little
LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA
Blending elements of acoustic blues, vintage soul, and conscious hip-hop into a mixture that's expressive yet deeply personal, Son Little is the alias of Aaron Livingston, a singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter who divides his time between his own music and collaborating with others. Aaron Livingston was born in Los Angeles, California, where his mother was an educator and his father was a man of the cloth. Livingston was still a child when his family moved to Queens, New York, and Livingston became fascinated with the flavors of urban life. After graduating from high school, Livingston studied at Columbia University, but
dropped out and worked day jobs for a while before relocating to Philadelphia and enrolling at Temple University. While in Philadelphia, Livingston struck up a friendship with members of the Roots, and he guested on their 2011 album Undun; that same year, Livingston collaborated with alternative hip-hop artist Rjd2 in a project they called Icebird, releasing an album called The Abandoned Lullaby. Livingston soon began recording and releasing digital albums, beginning with Aaron Livingston's Greatest Hits, Vol. -1, but in 2013 he began making music under the name Son Little. In 2014 Son Little signed with Anti Records, and in November of that year he dropped a six-song EP entitled Things I Forgot. In April 2015 Son Little produced an EP for legendary gospel and soul singer Mavis Staples, Your Good Fortune, and October 2015 saw the release of his first solo album, simply titled Son Little. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi [via]

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