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Hidden Poetry

Album Description

This record is called - Hidden Poetry.It is a story about how the external and internal worlds of human being are cooperating with each other; about internal confrontations of the man's inner struggle, and about overcoming the obstacles that man is building himself, and the circumstances in which he has
been settled by the world. The history about mutual influence on each other: the Universe, in all its greatness and all its manifestations, and the thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions of a single individual human. Linked into a tight node, they confront, they complement each other and come to a state of a harmony. This is the story about every human being as a whole and about anyone in particular, and about the Universe, part of which we all are.Highly impressive and well thought-out concept is presented in the form of monumental instrumental works. Deep philosophy is filled with abstract imagery and symbolism.This album is a work of art, designed to captivate the listener on a journey to the depths of consciousness and the mysteries of the Universe.  


UPLOADED: 11/03/2016
LISTENS: 38349

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