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 Snake Eats Electric Blanket (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


  • Peter Kerlin - Bass, Electronics, Compositions
  • Emily Manzo - Moog, Harmonium, Toy Piano
  • Mike Pride - Drums, Percussion
  • Chris Forsyth - Guitars
  • Chris Peck - Computer
Snake Eats Electric Blanket is a project instigated by Peter Kerlin (Source of Yellow, Christmas Decorations) and brought to fruition through the enlistment of Emily Manzo(Christy & Emily), Mike Pride(Dynamite Club, MDC, Bacteria to Boys), Nate Wooley(PROOFReaders, Cracklknob!, Nate Wooley Quintet), Chris Forsyth(Peeesseye) and Chris Peck(Manpack Varient, Listening Music for the Age of Crystal Moon Cone). It was recorded from fall '09 to spring '10. SEEB attempts to describe a world in which technology and nature are confused; where the dead are mistaken for the living. It is music for sleepwalkers and zombies.

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