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Doo Wah Doody by Snail Bob

Album Description

wombnet12 Snail Bob makes music in his own terms. One might call this 'noise' or 'deconstructed punk', but as is so often the case with individual music, which I define as "could only have been made by this person, at this time", I struggle to give labels to this sound
art. Actually, on second thoughts, this is a blues album. Considering how sparse and sometimes aggressive the music, this is a surprisingly melodic and soulful collection. From the strangled rage of the Waitsian opener 'Angry People' to the amorphous soundscapes of the second half, this album expresses a wide range of musical and emotional states. S'Bob names Pink Floyd and The Residents as primary influences. Sounds about right. Syd Howells of Fuku Records etc said of this album; "Listeners to this recording are greeted by what appears to be Captain Beefheart being tortured by the Residents as they make a ransom call to his family.  Other tracks include what I perceive to be an attempt to condense the whole of The Dark Side of the Moon into a single track of  several minutes.  I love this record."  



03. Snail Bob - Doo Wah Doody 00:05:34

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