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 Smoked Meat Fax Machine (2 Albums, 3 Tracks)


LOCATION:Montreal, QC, Canada
  • John Constantinides
  • (+ Mark Zadel live)
Smoked Meat Fax Machine is John Constantinides, an electronic music producer and DJ based in Montreal, Canada. He adopted the bizarre moniker when he began DJing at local clubs and loft parties in 2001, playing mainly deep funk records collected from his international crate-digging adventures. In 2007 Constantinides began crafting his own brand of funk-drenched electronic music, showcasing a sound that would become the hallmark of his productions: moody synths, tipsy drums, juicy basslines, swerving arrangements and infectious hooks. Through the release of his first EP, Low Mileage Lease (2008), to the raw and sultry Slums of Heaven (2009), his
penchant for melody and musicianship shone through the layers of dark electro-funk that animated each track.  The spring of 2010 saw him put together The Rootkit, a wonderfully fluid compilation of emotionally engaging tracks from artists around the world that were drawn to his banner.  All of these recordings were released under his own label, Ancient Robot records, which has since grown into an outlet for forward-thinking underground producers, linking an international community through its love of genre-defying music. In late 2010 Constantinides began releasing tracks in the style of skweee, a type of stripped-down funky electronic music originating in Scandinavia, under the name Fengir. Well-received in the burgeoning international skweee community, this project delves into the glacial depths of slow, cavernous synthetic funk while liberating Smoked Meat Fax Machine’s main scope for exploration into more upbeat and hard-hitting dance oriented offerings. Through both projects, Constantindes has shared stages with internationally acclaimed beatmakers such as Pursuit Grooves, Kenlo Craqnuques and Beatbully. The Smoked Meat Fax Machine live show currently features Constantinides on laptop/gear alongside drummer and label-mate Mark Zadel, who also produces music under the name The Crayon Industry. -

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