Sláinte (slawn-cha), Gaelic for "cheers" or "good health", was an Irish band based out of Tacoma, Washington in the USA.…

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Sláinte Mohr 2010 - Album
This six-song collection of bonus material from Sláinte (slawn-cha), Gaelic for "cheers" or "good health," includes four cuts of live…


2010 - Album
2010 - Album


Ainjewelz Aug 11, 2018

Thank you for sharing your great music for free. I found the perfect songs to put on my video of one of my favourite roads in the Cairngorms, Scotland. Really great sound, shame you're still not playing together

a3greymom Nov 01, 2017

I posted a soaping video and used 2 of Slainte's free use songs. I followed the rules and put the artist and link to licensing page as requested by the licensing agreement. I recieved a copyright infringement on one of...

epicsummermovie Nov 18, 2014

Used these tracks for Mo Chara, a feature-length film. Wonderful stuff! Check out more info here: Premiering in two weeks! Thanks so much for this great music.

tranadams Aug 18, 2014

Love your version of the The Butterfly. Heard it at the end of a YouTube video asking people when they are their most Irish . . . LOL! Watched the credits on that video and looked you up. I'm a...