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 Sláinte (3 Albums, 31 Tracks)


LOCATION:Tacoma, Washington, USA
  • Jeff Bremer
  • Lawson Dumbeck
  • Kent Hooper
  • Jean Huskamp
  • Anthea Lawrence
  • Bob McCaffery-Lent
  • Brynn Starr

Sláinte (slawn-cha), Gaelic for "cheers" or "good health", was an Irish band based out of Tacoma, Washington in the USA. They began performing in the summer of 1995. The original name for the group was Puget Sounds, as the players had been participants in a jam session at the University of Puget Sound. The original lineup had players whose ages spanned 35 years.

The band soon changed its name to Sláinte to emphasize its focus on traditional Irish works and to reflect the band's desire to play enjoyable, spirited music.

Sláinte was an early success in Internet music sharing. They were one of the most downloaded artists on the original, which was then a major site for free and legal music downloads.

After the end of Sláinte, Lawrence and Dumbeck performed as Fiddlehead. Huskamp has continued to play in a number of bands. Bremer played with The Burren Boys. Starr, McCaffery-Lent, and Hooper performed as Bobryken Celtic, an abbreviation of their names Bob, Brynn, and Kent. In 2007, that group gained four more players and were renamed to Mooncoyne.



jason on 11/05/10 at 09:17PM
amazing music, and cool tidbit about It's a shame the site completely disappeared, a reminder that everything we do on the web is not guaranteed to be preserved (unless people share it, like this!)

I'm on Irish music overload right now, listening to this in one ear and Billy Jam's WFMU remote b'cast from Galway in the other --
deegee on 04/21/11 at 09:17PM
Mighty fine Celtic music indeed! I just made a podcast with 90 minutes of it at our Tuned-In Music/TalkShoe Channel .. Too bad they're not still playing together, but it was such a wonderful ride when they were! Great that FMA and Oddio are keeping it alive and available!
Love you guys!
Gordon Rosenberg
janolav on 06/01/12 at 09:51AM

We are group of filmstudents studying at Hedemark College in Norway.

This semester we made a short movie that will also be used as a short web series at in August. The film is based on an old Norwegian fairytail called Store Per and Vesle Per.

We have used a lot of time searching for different sounds and music for our film and found that some of your songs works really good for the movie.

The songs that we want to use in the film are:

These songs does a lot for the film and we would be really greatful if we would get premission to use these songs

We will not have any finacial gain on this film, but it will be public and maybe shown at filmfestivals.

Kind Regards

Jan Olav Nordskog
deegee on 06/01/12 at 04:17PM
Hello in Norway,
Responding to your inquiry: I am only a user myself and not a contact person for Slinte so am not the one to ask for permission. But I can tell you that you are free to use their music for non-commercial purpose under Creative Commons licensing Share Alike. Click on the license link at their site for complete information.

You do not need additional permission from the band, and you will find it impossible to contact them since they have been out of business for many years.

You may also see and download some Slinte music at the Internet Archive

You may also be interested in the podcast I did of their music for additional information I compiled about them. It is at

Good luck with your project.
~Gordon Rosenberg
poco on 10/23/12 at 11:56AM
Does anyone know, how do I acqure a commercial license? There's no contact information on the page.
lauri on 09/13/13 at 08:47PM
Hola! Me encanta su musica!!!! Quisiera preguntarles como podria comunicarme con ustedes ya que creo que hice un lio con una de sus canciones y necesito su ayuda. por favor!!!!! Saludos.
tranadams on 08/18/14 at 04:19PM
Love your version of the The Butterfly. Heard it at the end of a YouTube video asking people when they are their most Irish . . . LOL! Watched the credits on that video and looked you up. I'm a Celtic musician in Canada and I think you have some great music here. Thanks!
epicsummermovie on 11/18/14 at 10:54PM
Used these tracks for Mo Chara, a feature-length film. Wonderful stuff! Check out more info here:

Premiering in two weeks!

Thanks so much for this great music.
a3greymom on 11/01/17 at 07:38PM
I posted a soaping video and used 2 of Slainte's free use songs. I followed the rules and put the artist and link to licensing page as requested by the licensing agreement. I recieved a copyright infringement on one of the songs, by two different individuals, and the songs were both titled differently. I put in dispute with you tube, explained the situation.
One of the people that say they own the music wants revenue off of the site. I took the video down rather that let them make money off of something they do not own. Can I get any help here?
I can use another song, but for them to say they own the song that I know they do not own, well it is the principal of the matter. Can you help here?
Denise Kelly
Ainjewelz on 08/11/18 at 08:18AM
Thank you for sharing your great music for free. I found the perfect songs to put on my video of one of my favourite roads in the Cairngorms, Scotland.

Really great sound, shame you're still not playing together
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