Sleeping Policemen

Indie-pop from Hamburg. If you like this song, check out their self-titled debut LP released in 2012 on Shining Waters…

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ePop028 2012 - Album
Sleeping Policemen is a fantastic indie-pop group from Hamburg, from a 4-song EP on the great folk/pop netlabel Eardrums Pop. …



2012 - Album


npriest2 Oct 22, 2014

Hi Sleeping Policemen, I've tried to contact you via the email listed as well as the one listed on your website and to no avail I get a returned email error. I wanted to ask if I could have permission...

jamesbrunner Jun 25, 2013

BOOOM! Lovely!!!

Hello! Thanks for listening to our tune! The song is free to download, listen to, share with your friends, put on your mixtape etc. We are actually VERY happy if you spread it and maybe even tell your friends that...