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Thee Haunted Cobblestone Sunset Concert Series #3 by Siren Cult

Album Description

Released:January 22nd, 2009
Recorded:July 16th, 2005

Mike Taylor aka "Siren Cult" aka ex member of Mike Taylor Radios - TVs, the kitchen sink, electronics- tape loops, sirens and the  occasional over excited jump roper. Listen to the whip.

About Thee Haunted Cobblestones Sunset Concert Series: Ending at sunset with the first recording and beginning at sunset with the last recording- individuals play what they will out the third floor window on a desolate cobblestone street in the last days of the summer. Attendees listen street-side, eating tacos or stretched out on the concrete. Stereo recordings made in a single take- screaming kids, violent cars- sirens and animals to be considered as collaborators.


Live Performance

Thee Haunted Cobblestone Sunset Concert Series #3
01. Track 01 (00:52)
02. Track 02 (02:03)
03. Track 03 (03:16)
04. Track 04 (03:06)
05. Track 05 (03:35)
06. Track 06 (03:28)
07. Track 07 (01:27)
08. Track 08 (02:28)
09. Track 09 (01:22)
10. Track 10 (05:55)
11. Track 11 (00:59)
12. Track 12 (00:36)
13. Track 13 (03:46)
14. Track 14 (01:40)

Thee Haunted Cobblestone Sunset Concert Series #3 by Siren Cult is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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