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Baby I Am Not Your Lady by Singing Sadie

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Songs For Swingers, Cover Art
Songs For Swingers, Cover Art
Engineer: Gary Bradbury
Sing a little ditty with Sadie, the all singing all dancing queen of the burgeoning underground show tunes scene. Her songs hark back to the war years, a simpler time, when singing prowess was often overlooked favouring instead sharp and biting lyrics centred on drinking, dancing and prostitutes long passed
their used by date, sung and danced with all the skill and execution of Florence Foster Jenkins. “This Australian one-woman-show sings in an out-of-control voice that doesn't always hit the "right" notes (but they're usually close enough) humorously dirty lyrics over old big-band records. And then, maybe half-way thru each tune...she tap dances. Well, she tries. It's kind of the dancing equivalent of her singing, like someone randomly dropping silverware on a hard floor.” – WMFU. “one part Poly Styrene to one part Eraserhead radiator lady” – Mess + Noise Magazine.



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