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Die Säge des Todes by Silver Process

Album Description

Bloody Moon
Released:August 18th, 2012

Jesus "Jess" Franco is known for sleaze and this film brings it. Die Säge des Todes aka Bloody Moon is a film that caused one band member to be too frightened to show up, another got mysteriously "ill" before we played, and yet another had to cancel.   


So the Silver Process mainstays, Joe & Chuck invited some friends to come and help round out the night.   


Silver Process on this session was:

Joe Merolla - cello

Chuck Bettis - electronics

Dave Miller - percussion

Jeff Tobias - alto saxophone

Dylan Angell - trumpet


click here to watch a video montage of the night, shot by (((UNARTIG)))




Live Performance

Die Säge des Todes
01. Bloody Moon (03:37)
02. Miguel (06:02)
03. Disco Party (03:47)
05. Sanitarium (12:05)
06. Manuela (04:53)
07. Incest (05:32)
08. Death Language (12:26)
09. Pierced Nipple (06:45)
10. Kinky Sawblade (08:47)
11. Bald Man (01:47)
12. Squirting Blood (08:40)

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