Shroud Eater

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The story of this stoner-metal trio from Miami, FL, inspired by their common love of the dark and dirty sounds of late 70's, heavy metal, grunge and stoner of 90's, began in the summer of 2008 when Jeannie Saiz and Janette Valentine's previous band, THE RIGHTEOUS DEVICES finally disintegrated and the two went on an introspective musical hiatus, writing new riffs and song ideas from their home. Their true passion, however, was in the sweaty, loud oscillations of a live-band format and soon began their search for a drummer that could bring the heavy, pounding nature to life. Eventually their search led them to Felipe Torres who, after being involved with a few bands on the west coast, relocated from Venice Beach, CA to Miami to find new musical inspiration. After a brief meeting and impromptu jam the three felt the chemistry was right, and in January 2009 SHROUD EATER was formed. With the vibe of down-tuned, overdriven fuzz guitars cranked up, a powerful rhythm section laying down thunderous grooves, the trio erupts with gruff, raw vocals and an impassioned fury.

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