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World Premiere (ft. Mrs. Khz) by Shorty Raw

Album Description

Shorty Raw - Magnum Opus
Shorty Raw - Magnum Opus
 Magnum Opus means an artist/writers best work to date. Shorty Raw feels "Magnum Opus" is definitely his best work since he has been recording music. This album displays Shorty Raw's experiences and relations both socially and intimately. His objective for Magnum Opus was to bring that classic feel that was
so prominent in the early/mid 90's. It literally took him and production partner KHZ years to put this album together. They even went as far as re-recording the whole project to assure that they had an album that banged from start to finish. Shorty Raw's main man KHZ, did roughly 85% of the album. He also had the pleasure of working with 8:35 out of Portland, OR., Go from Augusta, GA. and the up and coming powerhouse, ToneBeats who's also from Augusta, GA. 1. Intro 2. Magnum Opus feat. Tim Davis 3. World Premeire feat. Ms. KHZ 4. Randy and Smoke 5. Gottta Go 6. Aftershow 7. Joy and Pain Pt. 1 8. Beat Message 9. Ready (Cuts by DJ Night Train) 10. Joy and Pain Pt. 2 feat. Tim Davis 11. Move On feat. Andre Ellis 12. Rock Bottom feat. Ms. KHZ 13. Minority Report 14. Time 15. Sun Stars (With Jack Watts on guitar) 16. Collabo feat. Soul on Ice via Domination Recordings



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