Saunders + Greenlee Split

Shawn Greenlee

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Released Dec 04, 2008
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Tracks recorded and mixed in Providence, RI. This release is also available as a CD-R (rsm009), and was sold on the Saunders/Greenlee November 2008 tour.Holy Crap! Anthony Saunders and Shawn Greenlee, not only in the same van but on the same disc. A short 4-day tour, it's true - but one that heralded the next level of the game - well that is - if it's a game (which it probably isn't) and if there are levels (which apparently, there are). In any case, these two numb-nuts figured out how to use computers in a compelling way without the apprehension you've come to enjoy (OMFG, WTF, 2MI, d00d, FRT, TBAG, Y2K) for visceral, fucking live noise performance (KWIM?) - go figure - and fuck you haters! Go back to your MetalZone pedals, mic-feedback without cause/pause, and/or jokes and severity (which are BTW actually awesome ya'dig?... but go back y'know, so we can be psyched, file-share it, and reminisce). Whatever, these two dudes are from all-the-way-back-it's-now-jack and they play rock shows, cause it's rock-and-fucking-roll... but that's Advanced Rock-and-Roll (AR&amp;R like AD&amp;D - yah man, advanced rest and relaxation - you got it), not ass to mouth bullshit in a cup for the magazines... or avant-jazz assholesoterica... good vs. evil. Good vs. bad... still under 40 (ounces?) and semi-tolerant. Wherever you stand, it's a hot ride and you are the FATF3 needing a Vin Deezel to make it worth your worthless Hamiltons. And here it's goddamn free - so FTUS until 2009.