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SENDELICA, who are based in and around Cardigan (West Wales, UK) are instrumental psyche-space-rock band whose work blends early psychedelic outings, occasional heavy riffing, and electronic ambient musings. The core band in UK is: Pete Bingham on guitars & electronics (ex- KALD), Glenda Pescado on bass (THE SURF MESSENGERS and ex- NICK TURNER’S ALL STARS), Paul Fields on drums, and Lee Relfe on sax. The band had their debut TheOwlsHaveEyes EP released in July 2006 which was followed by Entering The Rainbow Light LP in January 2007. Both albums were released on self-run FRG Records and featured the core duo of Bingham and Pescado augmented by various collaborators including vocalists Chris Gibbs and Sarah E. Soon after, SENDELICA were shaped as a trio advocating instrumental forms of music. In spring 2008, the band toured the East Coast of USA with a culminating show at the legendary New York Knitting Factory. While their two more focused, properly produced and mastered albums were released through RAIG, the band also makes ultra-limited collectable releases of unpublished music through the Welsh community label/studio/workshops Tidy Like Records.