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Tiny Territories

Album Description

Lay back on the sweeping warmth, the rivers and sky visuals softly focus around the eyelids, under centered dial. Tiny territories, like miniature little creative-thought-and-sound-worlds we can inhabit, we can take up sleep under a shared star-shelter. We fill in blank space with our own personal histories and leave the
remaining blankness open to interpretation and revelry. Borderless meaning is found and let go. A solitary rock in a fog of sea. The lion’s share of recording was done at Lake St. Peter, up at day’s first offering, hitting the record button, staring into the zone and out the window. Then hiking. Then quiet nights. Two ghost selves, one outside in cold-weather covering, covered warm and exploratory. The second in still portrait realism, working, creating, finding expression. Fingertip-time dissolving back into the universe, back into the first form, without the uncanny, more real than ghost. All music written/improvised/performed/recorded in layered real time by Cheryl Fraser as Sealadder, with her Nord Lead 2X. Finished off here in Toronto, Cheryl put the sequence/totality together, I worked on the rough mix and added some reverbs and Jim axed the pieces into master, the master ready for the hiss frame.



Tiny Territories
01. Sealadder - Frozen Sound 00:03:10
02. Sealadder - Interlaken 00:05:02
03. Sealadder - Walking Flags 00:05:15
05. Sealadder - Parkette 00:05:19
06. Sealadder - Woodcut 00:03:07
UPLOADED: 05/09/2015

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