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Life Among the Mechanoids by Sculpture

Album Description

Producer: Clinical Archives
"Clinical Jazz" is an eclectic and illogical compilation.Range: ....from "clinically" traditional jazz directions....... up to unclassable and clinically indefinable "jazz" forms.


Track Info

Sculpture is a collaboration between Dan Hayhurst (audio devices) and Reuben Sutherland (visual devices). In this piece, Life Among the Mechanoids, Mr Sutherland’s input is projected entirely across the astral plane .We therefore request listeners utilise Mr Hayhurst’s composition as an instrument by means of which they may psychically obtain the correct frequency for reception.This music is realised using several tape recorders, a sampler, a computerised sequencer, a spring reverb, a compressor, a digital delay line, and other gadgets.Somewhere between these two statements lies the crux of the matter.Contact:Web:– Audio and video recordings, future performances, booking info.
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