Scattered Order

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Since their formation in 1979 Scattered Order have been confounding listeners with their non-stick, genre bending ideas of noise and tune. During this time they have released material on the M Squared, Volition, Ink (UK), Vinyl on Demand (Germany), Klanggalerie (Austria) and their own Rather be Vinyl label.

After numerous line-up changes, the band reformed in 2009 with original members Mitch Jones and Michael Tee (co-founders of the semi-legendary independent M Squared label) and Shane Fahey (a founder member of The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast), combining for a sonic assault of loops, samples and guitars.

Using “tried and trusted” but ageing samplers, MiniDiscs, audio cassettes and other deleted media mixed up with a whole lot of guitars and held together with some new found computer technology string, their plan is to DIY reverse engineer their way to the summit, demolishing and building tunes on the way.

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