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Another Trip to the Empty Spac by Sarana

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ORQAN   Orqan is an impro-music project from Liguria, Italy formed in 2016.   Usually a trio, sometimes it performs as a duo or solo artist.   Its sound is in between noise, drone and dark ambient.   Every performance (studio or live) is unique and improvised in both sounds and instruments:    strings, microphones,
drum machines are filtered and processed in a constantly changing stream of sound.   SARANA   Sarana is a dark ambient/experimental group from Samarinda, East Kalimantan,   Indonesia, formed on May 14 th 2015 by Annisa Maharani, Istanara Julia Saputri   and Sabrina Eka Felisiana. In every performance, Sarana tries to explore different   kind of sound sources from electronic and acoustic elements, adding some   spoken words to create an emotional connection.   SARANA & ORQAN SPLIT   The idea of the split came out in early 2017 when one of orqan's members met Sarana while touring Indonesia with his other band, having a first experience with the Indonesian noise scene.   After that meeting, they decide to create a connection and join their forces in a split records.    This split couldn't be possible without the help from Indra Menus, Sean Stellfox (Noise Bombings), Nicola Boari (Spettro Records), Franky Ciliegia (Dreamingorilla Records) and Zarinka Soiko, who made the artwork.   Released 26 January, 2019



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