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Conspicuous Consumption by Sarah Weis

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A collection of (mostly) non-soundtrack recordings created between 2005 and 2011, released on purple cassette. "Plustapes offers up to the world the utterly fun and bombastic "Musik & Plus" by Sarah Weis. Weis possesses an unbelievably powerful voice and a most certainly ambitious and unique take on music. Sounding something like Little Orphan Annie fronting the Residents, "Musik And Plus" runs the gamut of synth-y sing a-longs to completely deconstructed walls of fuzz, with rambunctious and challenging experimentation throughout. If you gave children hallucinogens we'd bet something like this might come to life. The really compelling thing to Weis' tunes
is the control and composition involved, proving that all this random and ridiculous playfulness is no accident. For fans of Human Skab, the afore mentioned Residents, People Like Us, Crystal Lake cassettes, and fearless humor-filled art-house performance art. Perfect for taking drugs, sprawling on the floor and coloring in your coloring book." - Permanent Records



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