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Salomè: Erode Philp and Erodiade's daughter. After having danced for her uncle's and step-father Erode Antipa she was granted John the Baptist's head as a prize for he had reproved the union between Antipa and Erodiade. Without any attempt to easy storiography, we believe that the definition of Salomè by the Holy Scriptures communicates something true about us. Daughter of a man without a soul, Salomè does an act of absolute volupteousness, a liberating and murderous dance, abandonig future sanctity, joining an incestuous orgy with a destiny of everlasting infamy. Provoking death, she sacrifices herself for a desire bearer of martyr sanctity, accepting in herself a fatal evil, a yell against God himself. Salomè allows faith to become victim and dominio of the weak. A perpetual slavery of the earth'son, she proclaims an eternal disattachment from the children of mud to reach a mute and liberating sky. It's the evil that will eternally propagate itself that Sade dreamt of in his philosophy, the Christianity of false hope, an evil which will keep us prisoners here, a prison horizon as the absolute Evil. Here we wonder, I don't really know why we actually chose this character, maybe a Dionisiac orgy, an oblivious carnival, that which animates us when we play.

Salomè Lego Playset (or SLP, or Salome LP) can no longer be apart from our own lives, together, a mask of diversity which we have been wearing for almost six years now and that in some way has protected us from all the rest. Surely an illusion, the thought of a shared life between us and no one else, an elitism of a few which has not attracted sympathies or favors but which has allowed us a sense, a sort of dignity for what we do, a feeling of plan, of projectuality allowing our existences to be in what is nothing. During all this time there have been more the moments of discomfort, but at least we faced them together and let's hope that it will be like this for a long time. For us Salomè is like a scream, a search for something beautiful in a sea of shit. I'm talking of research because we have never set ourselves any style limitations, genre or whatever. The group itself remains open, our expectations change notwithstanding right or wrong. We often choose improvisation, playing in total indifference or refusal, but we do it for ourselves and escaping the passing of time in front of us, quickly taking away parts of us. Therefore again Salomè, the Lego, the feeling that there is more which is precluded to us in an everyday spectacle, like the colored lego bricks building a veil of illusion, Maya, around us and insied us, therefore Playset, a box of toys, the vertigo that things the child fantasizes on and want it as a part of himself. We formed the group in 2001 when still in highschool, as Nicola (voice then guitar) Jacopo (bass then drums) and Giancarlo (guitar, now Lego/Your Dog for which we created the soundtrack for his short film shot in Argentina, IEIA). We didn't know how to play, so we just dismantled what was around us, until a mixture of punk, noise and improvisation. This way with Simone ( Mister Drey ) as well, making a revolting and stupid music because there wasn't any sense in doing anything else. Then came a difficult time in our lives, the break-up and then getting together again. Nicola, Jacopo then Elia (saxophone and objects) and the approach to new sound, then the recording of "Contre La Vie Contre La Morte", an album which to us means everything, emotions, thoughts, feelings, pain and joy. Nicola then left for a year in Tokyo and we visited him together with Davide (bass) and played in Tokyo four times for Zombie Forever Records (for which we participated in a compilation release in Japan this year) and for Senseless Records Hachioji, where we played together with writer and noise musician Kenji Siratori.

Our formation is therefore Nicola Boari/SLP (guitar, laptop and objects) Jacopo Cinti/Derek Dick Decio (drums, guitar, bass) Elia Dalla Casa (sax, objects) Davide Landi (bass, effects).