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SAKEE SEDThe band was born asDE SEEKASLetters turned upside-down, like in a mirrowThe Sakee Sed are Marco Grezzi and Gianluca Perucchini, guys from Bergamo, Italy, born between 1984 and 1986, grown in the nearby of the “Roncola”, a grey mount in Bergamo. After a two-years experience with the band De Seekas, a band with a stoner-rock attitude, the two guys began to deal with Howard, a piano from the beginning of the century, which drives them to turn letterally upside-down their style and name.“Alle basi della Roncola” (At the feet of the Roncola) is the title of their debut album as Sakee Sed, coloured and dark at the same time, compact and multifaceted but of great impact. The album contains 13 tracks that blend a sense of lightness with paranoia, friendship and hate, fairy and frenzy, everything hanging by a grey rural dimension and a coloured world soaked in LSD.Old and vintage instruments, very simple and low-fi recording characterize the album. On the Howard’s tunes and on a dancing drumming, we find ourselves catapulted back to the old saloons of the 50s and we can even smell tobacco. Everything is surrounded by harmonies of acoustic and electric guitars, vibraphones, banjo, ukulele, horgans, basses, chorus, melted with Marco, just awake, voice.Puns, metaphores and allusions characterize the lyrics. The reality of some images fits in novels that remind of a melancholy fairy.Sakee Sed still seem to be able to listen to the children novels, the sound of nature and its becoming human, and involve all: introspective sound and stories of drugs and alchool, medicines, fears, everyday life and love.Sakee Sed usually change their live sets, sometimes unplugged, sometimes loud and electric, and they are supported on stage by “the family”, some friends and musicians of them, like Roberta Sammarelli (Verdena), Nicolas Restivo [n!], Martina Togni e Thomas Maffi.

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