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Sachiko Kanenobu
  • Sachiko Kanenobu: vocal, guitar
Back in 1972, the youthful Japanese folk singer Sachiko Kanenobu recorded just one album before getting married and moving to the U.S. It was called Misora, and over the years its stature has grown until it has come to be considered one of the greatest Japanese folk albums of all-time. In this exclusive live set recorded for Surface Noise with Joe McGasko on 4/26/18 and broadcast on 5/14/18, Sachiko revisits several tracks from Misora for her first radio session in many years. Sachiko also plays two brand-new songs, one of which mentions WFMU by name! All songs are copyrighted by
Sachiko Kanenobu/BMI All songs, music and lyrics are written by Sachiko Kanenobu. All rights reserved.


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