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LOCATION:Bologna, Italy
  • Susanna Laterza
  • Lego/Your Dog
  • SLP
Stufa were born during one of the temporary times of inactivity of the band Salomè Lego Playset who at the time were at their dawning and during the participation of Susanna Laterza and Giancarlo Morieri. The duo soon synthonizes on non-sense frequencies, and this aspect automatically sympathizes them to a non-sense destiny as well (the participation on MTV's School in Action). The magnetism inevitably attracts Nicola Boari (leader of Salomè Lego Playset) to complete the duo with his spirit's violence. The trio performs a limited number of concerts limited to the Bologna area stirring up the spectators' aversion and dissatisfaction.
Up to today in Castiglione dei Pepoli (regarding bad music) the historical concert of Stufa at the local festival is cited, which saw its members exchanging instruments: guitar, drum machine, trumpet, drums, ugly synth, toys, violin, pots and pans [...] in a completely nonsense way, ugly even to the ears of the closest to and keenest of Zorn. Actually the Stufa-philosophy consists in cracking the bottom limit of lowness and stupidity to mechanically appear in the genius (a concept greatly elaborated by the subsequent Just Men). Jacopo Cinti at the drums and Grattata at the readings (often provocative) collaborate in several performances. In the group's last period Elia Dalla Casa at the sax officially joins the group, earning the necessary trust to give him a place of honor in the group Salomè of the latest generation. The quartet continues to rehearse until the building of their test room doesn't crash. The last concert witnesses a jolt in tension which burns all the necessaire. Stufa lose touch. Giancarlo moves to Argentina for two years and Nicola to Tokyo for a year. At Nicola's return about three years after the last performance the two decide to record the Stufa experience on disc (spiritually and telematically connected to Giancarlo) in Ming I [2009].

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03. STUFA - La Mia Diversità 00:00:23
39. STUFA - Raptilian 00:00:32