A Ship Of Fools


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Released Jan 01, 2011
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SLP | “A Ship Of Fools” SR044
Type: mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2011
Duration: 00:50:00
Track: 4
Genre: noise - drone - ...
Section: yellow
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1- No regrets for our youth
2- You Will Never Let Me Down
3- As The Snow Covered The Earth ( Elia Dalla Casa on sax. Artwork is also his )
4- The Kingdom Of God The Kingdom Of Heaven
As I go about, my body a vessel of journey, I seek the Kingdom of a God who will come, as the snow covers the earth, tiny bits of life are born, coming back to to a soil to them forsaken, taken away. We leave them their original land, bound to take it back. "It is also possible that part of our test of faith is our hating this world, even our flesh body, to the extent to be willing to leave it without any proof of the Next Level's existence". The Comet came, and we're still here, trembling on a ship, sinking to the inner depths of the selves, while we endlessly argue about the Next Level to take us away. We sink, and we await for something to replenish our Here, uncaring of the tragedy bringing us back to the bottom of the oceans. "They pushed him away and went back to grumbling about wages, and about blankets for women, and about the right to suck cocks, and about how the dog was treated. The ship kept sailing north, and after a while it was crushed between two icebergs and everyone drowned." Everyone drowned, and the few who noticed were taken aback by the Here.
This was made before Andreas Breivik, this was made while we sailed north and hit an iceberg and drowned. This was made in front of Heaven's gate, in front of which lay the selfless bodies of souls who boarded on a craft, taking them back to their Father. They left and we remain here. Their ship the same we're on, only they've already gone, and we are still here, marching forward until the next iceberg will take us down. This is the best world possible, it's the only one. I brag about things, I brag about those who found the truth before us, and left with it forever. Glad to be together. Glad to be gone. 
At the same time I brag and laugh at them in this: SLP's YouTube Of Horros
They were so stupid, I would say. How could they have believed? I would ask. YouTube is the next Bible. All the Words are there. All the inscriptions bearing images and sounds. A stream of consciousness no more, but a stream of videos, one after the other, one Truth after the other, equally right to exist, and equally right to be seen. I talk too much, and have so little, if any, to say. I spend nights to frenzy between testimonies of Cults that have faded, and pornography. I will see Satan one day, there, in the nights of frenzy when everything is equally right and every Truth is equally correct. As I drown in a ship of fools, me no different than the rest of the crew.
Ted Kaczynski's "Ship Of Fools" text

"La Società Industriale e il Suo Futuro" ( italiano ), ( English ) , di Theodore J. Kaczinsky, Unabomber.
Heaven's Gate website , which continues to run, unaltered, as if nothing happened. The internet as a field of infinity.