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Album Description

Reissue free download Special Edition"La Differanza" was released in 2000 as the second SADO's record.This is the 10th anniversary edition, specially remixed for free download.An early work of SADO but still very representative of the band. Based on Jacques Derrida's "Difference" notion. Jacques Derrida begins the essay "Différance" (perhaps the
most systematic articulation of the non-concept that, according to Derrida, he "has been able to utilize" in previous works) by talking about the letter a and trying to explain (though not justify; instead perform an "insistent intensification of its play") the neologism that he developed. In the first few paragraphs of the essay, he talks about writing and how the neologism ("neographism" he calls it) is "a lapse in the discipline and law" of that system, a sort of distruption in writing and, if I may add, in language and the order of signs in general.Sado's "LA DIFFERANZA" follows this scheme, nothing more, nothing less.With Paolo Baltaro, Sandro Marinoni, Diego Marzi, Gianni Opezzo and Boris Savoldelli.You'll not find this record anywhere else, it is not for sale on shops or web mailorders. It's free!Please check for further and newer releases, and more to come.