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Easy Feels by Ryan Andersen

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Producer: Ryan Andersen
Engineer: Ryan Andersen
"Swimming" is a collection of songs inspired by the idea of spending long days in the outdoors, soaking in the sun.   Covering musical ground that stretches from bedroom-pop to electro-fused indie; "Swimming" explores the boundaries of "Summer" music. Using this paradigm as a writing tool, I discovered the density of emotions associated with summertime. The goal was to express these different emotions as they came to me while writing this record.   I used a variety of instruments and techniques to record this collection. Synthesizers and guitars are ever present, as well as some new sequencers and beat machines. I had
a lot of fun creating the layers and textures present, I hope you have fun listening as well.   For fans of Mac Demarco, Arcade Fire, Tame Impala, Buchla synthesis, Netflix soundtracks and more...



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