Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion!!

Rubber O Cement and Twig Harper

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Released Feb 09, 2012
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Inlay Notes:
Side note on masterbattalion: people especially around Xmas time flock to stores to buy games for loved ones and throw money to entertainment. Rubber O Cement has taken on with James 'Twig' Harper of Nautical Almanac fame to create a new 'playstation' for all the kiddies out there that will involve you in the game with only a medical, science and biology dictionary held together with deep thoughts and memories of your genetic make up. With some kind of direct link to your own body using hands or ocular means to make a 'contact' in a nonsex set up for the garbage apes and cells. With wonderful molecule capers like Kookliotide Absorbing: Crazy RNA Sequence .O-Clay 09 Cleay (you may add on other sequences as you see fit, possibilities are far can YOU go???). Even if you are one of todays 'teens' that are shamefully without a microscope and have a general ignorance of these scientific matters, try this: get one tube of toilet paper, put a logo on the side (the more scientific the better), some glass at one end, some knobs on the side, now go crazy with it!! Your body is made up of millions of cells each with a different nonsex set up with it's own rules and sequences that you can observe and commit shameful masterbattalion on. You can try to second guess your body, you can pretend to know more than the books you are using, but do you have what it takes?? I hope so. We have the soundtrack and instruction manual here with this CD(r)!!! PARENTAL NOTE: this game has been 'funtested' and will let the child contact itself through play-safe masterbattalion means. Older folks can imbibe earthy elements to create a more 'advanced' game taking some of the sequences offered more litterally. If you are over 21 try everything from the surroundings you are in that are deemed adult. Nonsex sessions need not apply as you are within the adult tenet of 'possibilities'. When you read and hear about the 'trip to Iodiner Lake', why not go yourself? Use with caution, your body is a fragile tool, yet it is perfectly fit for all types of masterbattalion!!
Also included: super charged Brutal Sound Effects videos including the Solid City State, and Somatropin Trampletanks A)-D) as developed by the spectroscopically developed Brutallo who has the patience of a radar screen!! Cover art and tracklisting are stuck to the front and back of a random comic book. The disc is packaged inside the comic with insert.