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Lemon juice & chloroform

Album Description

The 6 tracks of "Lemon juice & chloroform" contain the original soundtrack of the eponymous audiovisual work by Rosebruit + unreleased audio material recorded for the film — collapsing alternative drum/bass patterns, free funk-jazz, glitchy-psychedelism, distorted horns, noise/electronic, abstract break-beats…No external sound sources were used in these recordings."Let us assume that there is a substantial difference between lemon juice and chloroform. That was to be expected and - need it be said that? - there is significant differences, among other things, between think tank and myself. There's reason to believe that chloroform and lemon juice are as necessary as coma
for extrasensory perception. In a manner of speaking: breathing a so called toxic substance, such as chloroform, could increase - by combination of circumstances - creative activities in order to gradually create new physical and intellectual abilities such as ubiquity and prophecy. Consequently: a thirst-quenching liquid like lemon juice and an anesthetic like chloroform are not only different products but also the prerequisite to metaphysical introitus."Rosebruit / Franck Smith - Lemon juice & chloroform(Original soundtrack and recorded material for the eponymous audiovisual work by Rosebruit)Music and text composed, written & performed by Franck Smith
Recorded in November 2010© 2010 Franck SmithVersion for free-download - No commercial usings can be made from this recording.Biography: Multi-instrumentalist and noise manufacturer using electronic devices, digital percussives, vinyls, anvils, gongs, sirens, drums, piano... also (un)known as Ijnveïq de Ernestine, Tlü Ejtko, Phrenq, Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg... Franck Smith runs the private recording collection Odiolorgnette and works as an independant artist in electronic fields, experimental audiovisual contexts and soundtrack production… Member of the dual electronic unit Zn'shñ and co-founder of audiovisual production Rosebruit…On his Odiolorgnette collection Franck Smith publishes a catalog of hybrid recordings from personal studies on Pygmy polyphony, cartoon/video-game music to Butoh dance and Noh theater soundtracking via pure experimentation, noise and radical electronic… With Zn'shñ he recently played in Japan for a series of concerts in Tokyo around the cd release "Butoh sweets (Adventures in dance, flour and colours)"… With Rosebruit he works on new performances involving experimental VJing, film making and electronic music…N.B.– both Zn'shñ and Rosebruit are collaborative projects with visual artist and sound-activist Elvire Bastendorff.Recent discographic works:* Zn'shñ, "Butoh sweets" (odl.9173-659)
* Franck Smith, "Théorème de point fixe" (odl.9173-658)
* Zn'shñ, "II" (odl.9173-657)
* Zn'shñ, "++" (odl.9173-656)


UPLOADED: 12/07/2010

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