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LOCATION:Lisboa, Portugal
  • Miguel Dias
  • Frederico Teixeira
  • Sérgio Pereira
Rose Blanket formed in 2003 by Miguel Dias (voice and guitars) joined by Frederico Teixeira (keyboards) and Sérgio Pereira (drums). Their first recordings can be listened in Bor Land compilations. The debut and full-length album was released in 2004. Homonymous, this album is essentially Lo-Fi and simply exploring Rose Blanket's intimate atmosphere. The first CD speaks of personal stories, moments lived, imagined and dreamed,of relationships and whispered siences mirroring the tranquility of an unhurried melody. A brand new album is out now, and this time Miguel Dias composes with a greater variety of instruments inviting several musicians with different musical
backgrounds to participate. In this last work the sonority blossoms brighter and rythmical yet maintains its murmered and intimate individuality.source: official websiteAdditional "cast" players:Ana Deus Ana Figueiras Ana Gomes André Simão Bárbara Carvalho Dana Schechter Filipa Gomes Francisco Silva Frederico Pedreira Jennifer Charles José Arantes Luis Ferreira Luis Sales Miguel Gomes Nuno Teixeira Paulo Miranda Pedro Amaro Pedro Cabral Pedro Oliveira Petra Pais Ricardo Fernandes Sérgio Pereira Tânia Mendes


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02. Rose Blanket - With Her 00:03:02