Chiptune musician based in the south of Spain. Doing music with old machines such as Spectrum or Gameboy.

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The Black Dot 2017 - Album
Album composer with a Game Boy console. Influenced by Rock Pop and Videogame Music


GabeXD Dec 16, 2017

Hey man I love your music! I used one of your chiptune songs for a game that I made with a friend for a contest:

rolemusic Oct 01, 2017

I understood that my music was listed by the label, hence my former response. If you are receiving claims because you are using my CC-BY music, you are right, since we don't do that, and I am sure that's an...

janagyjr Oct 01, 2017

Then I will no longer be using any of your music if this is what you're going to do to your fans. Since I've conformed to the terms of the CCBY4.0, I should not be subject to any claims of...

rolemusic Sep 30, 2017

Thanks for all the nice comments mates. janagyjr. Enough Records is a cool netlabel that offers free music. I am proud that my two first EP's were released by them. They are not false claims.