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QUANTUM ENIGMA by Robert B. Lisek

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Album Description

Radius presents PATCH, an ongoing series of curated playlists produced for the Free Music Archive. PATCH is a series of curated playlists selected from the Radius episode archive. Each playlist is organized around a specific topic or theme that engages the tonal and public spaces of the electromagnetic spectrum. PATCH
serves as a platform to illuminate the questions, concerns, and complexities of and within radio-based art practices.



Track Info

QUANTUM ENIGMA is a project which utilizes radioactive materials such as Thorium for generating sequences of random numbers and sounds. The existing computing machines don’t generate random sequences; the so called pseudo-generators of random numbers are periodic. This is why the project reaches quantum states, which are highly randomized and can be used for generating random numbers. Understanding of the use of random numbers plays a very important role in times of mass surveillance. Random numbers sequence obtained from radioactive decay is a great cryptographic key. Cryptography is the ultimate form of non-violent direct action! There are math problems that you can create that even the strongest state cannot break. Cryptography allows you to create regions free from the coercive force of the outer state. Free from mass interception. Free from state control. Be Random. Don’t Let Politicians and Economists Hack Your Activity!
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