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Less Is Less

Album Description

Producer: Richard There
Engineer: Otavio Bertolo
With his comics, animations and music Richard There observes the world of Here and subtly gives us an image of the world of There. "The candid honesty, creative playfulness, witty experimentation, delivery of stories, twisted gloom vs. bright hope - this all makes up the world known as There. Where Richard lives and is happy to come and take anyone along who wishes to get out of their own routine of serious adult business and everyday chores of typical logic and life" (Marcus Staniec - WTFMusic) His upcoming album "Less is less" coming out on october 1st is according to
Richard "an effort to find what is the minimum I need to be happy and feel alive, the minimum I need to create a song." It´s his 4th LP and his first release coming out on vinyl. A minimalistic and atmospheric view on the relationship between man and nature. On the stage Richard shows his handmade drawings and comics while he plays a song. He creates an atmosphere that seems obscure and strange at first sight but if you don´t get scared and relax he´ll take you for a journey into his personal world. The reward of the ride is "personal and you should keep it for yourself". At least this is what Richard told me when I said I would write down what I felt in his last gig. Maybe with this new album Richard found this "minimum" he was looking for. Less is enough. This is what I learned from There. (Lee Wainwright)     Review on Tiny Mix Tapes by Simon Chandler:   Vynil Available on Bandcamp:  



Less Is Less
UPLOADED: 06/09/2015
LISTENS: 16002

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