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If the world calls, please leave a message

Album Description

"It's the personality that always pulls me into Richard There's world. The candid honesty, creative playfulness, witty experimentation, delivery of stories, twisted gloom vs. bright hope - this all makes up the world known as There. Where Richard lives and is happy to come and take anyone along who wishes to get out of their own routine of serious adult business and everyday chores of typical logic and life.    With the EP "Who touched my bones?" I felt as if I was in the same room with Richard and he was telling me all these little stories. With this new
album I feel as if he is taking me on a guided tour by flying carpet and introducing me to various characters and tales of feelings and memories. Each turn drastically different than the next. It's a special thing when an artist can keep their personally attached yet create drastically different backgrounds to express themselves in. A very well rounded and coherent record of WTF proportions and thoughtful playful exuberances. Thanks for the journey Richard!"    --Review Fragment from Marcus Staniec on    "No problems with locations. Richard comes from there, actually from There. Very simple indeed. As "simple" as his soundscape used to be. (...) he is an idiosyncratic singer-songwriter in his eccentrity, loving to bake from introspective fingerpicked acoustic folk to electronic buzz-laden guitar music to dada-ish spoken word snippets to experimental robo pop a la Kraftwerk to darkwave/neofolk a la Lycia or Death In June. In a more "usual" approach, his script reminds of the likes of Bill Callahan and John Fahey. Above all of that can be figured out for some off-the-kilter cover songs. In the first place, these are just some vague comparisons to be for. Do not forget about that!"   --Review Fragment on Recent Music Heroes


UPLOADED: 11/11/2012

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