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Bar VT-FUG by Richard Jonas

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"Richard Jonas - Stekkerspel .. running time 30:17 min .. CDr .. 2008 Based on sound material, pieces made in the analogue studio of the Institute of Sonology between the end of 2004 to 2006, this album is dense & varied with many diffuse sequences following each other up in
a spliced tape-collage manner..Starting out with skewed and clicky rhythms from pulse generators, it grows more hectic near the end with thick layers of noisy and abrasive material. The album has elements from video game music and drum & bass, but shaped into a hectic and unique sounding form: playful but detailed, with convulsing cut ups and hair pin corners all over." Album mix by Ezra Jacobs. Get a hard-copy here: credits released 06 July 2008 Richard Jonas on the knobs, Jeroen Ijsseldijk on the design.



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