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2000 leftovers ep by Richard Jonas

Album Description

2000 leftovers ep
Released:December 31st, 1999

Forgotten tracks & variation in productions made in the year 2000. A new millennium, a new home & computer. No more trackers to make music with as my beloved Fasttracker stopped working in windows 98, I had to find another solution. These recordings are tracks I've made in the year 2000, mostly live vst/hardware tweaking jams or beatloops made for my brother to rap on. I found it hard converting to a horizontal approach of arranging in Cubase, moving, copying sample blocks around with the mouse instead of being able to quickly dial in a breakbeat with the computer keyboard. Nonetheless opposed to feeling like I had control, playing around, being more in a searching-mode also had its charm :) . Gear used on these; Computer; PIII 667mhz Software; cubase 5.1 + vst(i) Bram Bos Hammerhead & tuareq Propellorhead rebirth Hardware; behringer mixer Virtualizer (x2) Modulalizer Roland Alpha Juno II Tracks recorded straight to a Philips cdr 930 mini audio cd recorder. credits released December 31, 2000 RJ Artwork sketch by Jeroen Ijsseldijk (



2000 leftovers ep
03. AH Kaas (03:03)
04. Priekie (03:46)
05. Sometimes beat (04:43)
06. Hoffmann sessie (03:42)
07. Lillijk (02:33)
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