Light Fields

Richard Garet

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Released Dec 09, 2010
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This recording was taken from a live performance of Richard Garet's Light Fields at ISSUE Project Room. The work will be released as a fixed audio-visual composition on DVD in 2011, with more information available through Garet's site.
These works examine process, color, motion, digital glitches, RGB phenomena, afterimage, and the sensory gaps between the eye and the mind. The techniques employed to make the work intend to push the boundaries of digital moving image and emphasize the media, digital permutations, and software processing as a pure and fundamental artistic gesture. Additional techniques utilized in various stages of the work are image scanning, analog and digital processes to treat light and image, rigorous and repetitive systems of digital corruption, degradation, and saturation of pixels. Ultimately Garet focuses not only in transposing, disembodying, and reconfiguring digital data, but also in expanding the aesthetics and possibilities of treated light, color, and motion as a physical experience. Garet will be performing a live electronic-experimental sound piece, to accompany the moving image, with a sonic system that consists of utilizing a modular synthesizer, analog gadgets, electromagnetic gadgets, light to sound real-time translations, methods of sonification applied to the modulation of the moving image that is being projected, and laptop processing. Richard Garet’s sonic approach during his live performances, like in the case of his sound compositions, propose that the listener/s engage with the work principally in a mode of active listening. However, in live situations Garet likes to emphasize the room’s physicality by activating the experiential, the sensorial, and the active-reception of the body and mind.