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The Spy and Me by Rho

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Glass Memories
Glass Memories
No-Source is pleased to re-release a newly re-mastered version of Rho's second album, "Glass Memories." You may have heard a couple of these tracks before if you grabbed their "October Turncoat EP." Originally released in 2009, these seven tracks show all sides of the Rho sound. This is also their
most guitar-centric album. "Suspended on a Wide Hinge" hangs upon strumming and plucking before delving into the twenty-two minute epic, "Laserfaced". This is Rho's longest song to date running from synthetic ambience to instrumental rock and everything in between. "Fador" is dark and dirty guitars and synths. A bit of twang and skittering electronics make up "The Spy and Me". "Laserfaced" isn't the only epic track on the album. "Slow Down By" lengthens the album by another fourteen minute with down-tempo beats, electric guitars, and synth flourishes. It slowly fades into an ambient synth outro and field recordings. Another amazing album to add to your Rho collection. (via No-Source)



04. Rho - The Spy and Me 00:04:01

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