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Simpl by Rho

Album Description

Breathing Through The Liquid System
Breathing Through The Liquid System
No-Source is pleased to re-release a newly re-mastered version of Rho's debut album, "Breathing Through the Liquid System." Similar to their previous No-Source release, "Cedarleaf", this is a very accessible album. It beautifully merges down-tempo electronica with indie and post rock guitar riffs. The album kicks of with the mellow
spacial hum of “Demos of Bloomington.” Laid back beats take stage, backed by electric guitars on a summer' drive. Midi Me is that cinematic montage moment to your favorite indie film. Circle Without Bending is the closest Rho has ever come to strait indie rock. A blissful instrumental sweep. Drained Below the Dirt evokes Vangelis' work on Blade Runner, while Encore ends the album in a closing credits groove. This is definitely a worthy addition to our growing Rho discography. (via No-Source)



06. Rho - Simpl 00:05:28

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