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ReW'z song 'u suck' won *Best PuNk SoNg* of 2011 in the 'Pirate Radio Treasure Chest Rock Star contest'... ReW is country sensation ‘Loretta Lunch’ in ‘HiPSTER Breakfast’ the indie film & series. Rew*: Plays music for kidz of ALL ages… She just returned from her second UK tour. She has graced the stage with many of her inspirations, including Regina Spektor, Joey Ramone, Patti Smith, George Clinton, Ian Lloyd, David Johanson, Murphy's Law, BETTY, the Spin Doctors & many more. Her latest release that*S*rite {featuring Billy Ficca {TELEVISION, Waitresses on drumz} has received rave reviews & songs are in
steady rotation on many airlines, Sirius and college Radio stations. Her song 'u suck' is featured in the television series the 'BAD GIRLS CLUB' on the Oxygen Network; her song 'u persued me' won the Atlas Media songwriting contest, and ‘skeletonz’ is making lots of noise internationally, was a semi finalist on Little Steven’s Underground on Sirius radio & the video was shot by director Eric Enright. Her songz *i don’t wanna* & *addicted 2 sleaze* are featured in the documentary “All’s Well & Fair”, by film maker Luci Westphal. Rew* is a core organizer and performer for theGirls Rock Girls Rule Tour and the international MAMAPALOOZA festival. ReW has worked with children and music for over a decade and performs with ‘Musicians On Call’ in pediatric hospitals, “Rew comes across like PJ Harvey giving birth to Karen Findley’s artificially inseminated love child; all the while Lydia Lunch does cartwheels in a cheerleading uniform from the sidelines and Patti Smith bakes special cookies for the masses. Rew has grasped the torch and is ready to burn NYC down and rebuild.' SugarBuzz Magazine “By the time the third track ‘U Suck’ came on I was totally convinced that Rew had got it spot on and had written a good album. It’s hard to pinpoint comparisons to Rew’s music which can only be a good thing as there’s just so much originality throughout. Rew as an artist has got so much to offer and the proof lies in this album so do yourselves a favour check her out!" Steve DIY~Street Voice/England “Rew is one of the hardest working artists I’ve ever met, and her intense personality is matched only by her music. She is an artist not to be missed, or messed with!” -Dave Cool, Director, “What is INDIE?” ? 'Proudly and loudly on her latest digital five inches of self-styled “punktry” music called *that*S*rite*, just plain Rew, the jewel of NYC truly is the l-u-v child Ronnie Spector and Patti Smith SHOULD’VE had. Chock straight full up of her very own grand brand of supremely potty-mouthed pop (i.e.: “U Suck” …”dirty” version especially) and powered by the ever-percussive spirit of no less than Our Friend Ficca (as in Billy, of Television, Waitresses, deserved fame)’ ~Gary Pig Gold/Lost in the Grooves “Rew, and you are remarkably talented and original--a fresh and invigorating voice"~ Big T at City Canyons Records Rew is the hostess of the quirky, trendy hot internet show *Rew & WhO?* Featuring *rizing starz & living legendz*** Rew is a featured Mom in the rockumentary *MoMz Hot Rocks* by film maker Kate Perotti …she performs regularly in her hometown of NYC with her band *the ReWd oNeZ* or solo, tours the USA, and has performed at world-renowned festivals like SXSW, CMJ, and Jazzfest. Rew is endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars , Star Power Drinks, & Curly Vegetarian “This is what you moved to NYC for...” (Village Voice)


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