Effects of Elevation

Revolution Void

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Released Nov 23, 2010
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File under: Electronic Breakbeat JazzFrom the All About Jazz review:Combining electronic breaks with jazz improvisation, Effects of Elevation is a unique example of the interesection where modern jazz and modern electronic music meet.The release features guest musician Matthew Garrison on bass. Matt is known for his work with Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul and others. Additionally, track 3 features vocal samples by Ill-esha, known for her work as both a DJ and vocalist. All About Jazz writeup describes the remix, as well.Citizen Prime's remix combines a house groove with piano and bass solos on top. The airtight 4-to-the-floor rhythm propels the song as it progresses through solos, breakdowns and builds.The Sevenless remix incorporates IDM, glitch and industrial genres, while retaining a distinctive sound. The remix begins slowly, eventually building into epic proportions with a guitar-laden breakbeat chorus.EP info:Track 1 written and produced by Jonah Dempcy. Track 2 written and produced by Scott Baggett. Track 3 written and produced by Nicolas Manel. Vocal sample on track 3 by Ill-esha. Cover art and design by Yuriko Miyamoto.

Rolalog Sep 21, 2016

Hi, how are you? if i need a little bit of your song for a little short film . Do i pay for that? or only put your link in the credits? I would appreciate an answer, thanks

amansiddiqi May 14, 2013

Awesomely funky! You rock!!

jason Nov 23, 2010

This is just what I want to hear, thanks Oddio Overplay for the tip on this irresistible futuristic disco! Seems like Jonah and Revolution Void have made a lot of incredible free music, currently revisiting these two BlocSonic compiled tracks and checking out revolutionvoid.com

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