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LOCATION:Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Unnsteinn Manuel: Guitar; vocals,
  • Logi Pedro: Bass,
  • Þorbjörg: Keybord; percussion,
  • Ingvi: Keybords,
  • Haraldur Ari: Percussion; vocals,
  • Þórður: Guitar; vocals,
  • Gylfi: Drums
Retro Stefson are one of Iceland brightest hopes. The band started out as a project in middle school in 2006 and has since then become Iceland’s top live acts. They made their public debut at the 2006 Iceland Airwaves festival, then 14, 15 and 16 years old. Since then the band has played a big part in the Reykjavik and Iceland music scene, playing regularly all around the city. Their first record Montaña was released in Iceland in the autumn of 2008. They have sold over 2000 copies and have received thrilling reviews. Their second album Kimbabwe is out now
on Kimi Records. The band has toured intensely in Iceland over the last couple of years which has made them really successful. Their first single “Senseni” has been the party boomer all over the Island since its release. The band has performed at the Icelandic Airwaves festival 3 times and last year’s performance with FM Belfast was the festival’s absolute “climax”. They played at 2009 By:Larm where they got really good vibes from all over the place. Retro Stefson is a pop band but not by any means a typical one. Retro Stefson’s music has been described in multiple ways, the words surf, latin, jazz, afro and pop up most frequently – with the members hailing from various countries it’s no wonder the influences are so many – but let’s not get tangled up in genres. The main thing is that the music is fun, youthful and refreshing. The most fitting description is maybe this one:Retro Stefson are the “pop” in your popcorn and the “smooth” in your smoothie. If Retro Stefson was an animal it would be a mixture of a squirrel and a lizard and a baby chimp. In other words a lemur, with some lizard in it. -- via artist's Website


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