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 Retrigger (3 Albums, 34 Tracks)


  • Raul Costa Duarte
"Get the Kingsmen, Squarepusher, The Sonics, Merzbow, Jimmy Smith plus Patric Catani and put them in one room, with lots of LSD. When they are high, you kill everybody. Then you chop up the corpses and make pies. Sell those pies to little school kids. Day later, teach those children how to play instruments. Whenever they make their first song, you kill them then chop their bodies. and take some LSD. Now you bury them in a drag race track, while the cars are passing by, nobody will notice, because you are gonna be dressed up like a drag race
gravedigger. After two weekends of drag races, you steal the 4 cars with the best times and burn them in the same room where you killed the Kingsmen, Squarepusher, The Sonics, Merzbow, Jimmy Smith and Patric Catani. It's gonna be a damn good fire, so better buy some marshmallows or some steaks. Some beer is always good. Finish it watching the fire for 666 minutes, drinking good beer, eating your steak. This is exactly how retrigger sounds."- C.M. - The psychopath journal