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Sitara The Cloud Pump by Reineke/Wilke

Album Description

In the early 1960s british drummer Tony Oxley once was in need to find a name fitting well for his acitvities together with Derek Bailey and Gavin Bryars. He went to his bookcase, spiritedly took out a volume by british composer Joseph Holbrooke - and that was it! The Joseph
Holbrooke Trio was founded [1]. We found a similar situation here, in need for proper track names for the six free improvisations which make up this album. We opened our bookcases and extracted a volume by german dadaist Hans Arp [2], combined with several mystery sources, and that worked for us! Born in Nature (Graftings) Track 1: Day Rackabones at Studio 6 Track 2: Sitara The Cloud Pump Track 3: Good Spirits: Saint Zigazag, Saint Barreldeep Track 4: Strasbourg Configuration - Boulevard Michel Track 5: Opus Zero / Easter Island Syndrome Track 6: Reflections on The Magic Horn Configuration Markus Reineke - recorders, objects, electronics Frank Wilke - trumpet, trombone Recorded at SteinhagenStudios Hattingen (Ruhr), Germany in 2017 Link: [1] Ulrich Kurth: The 4th Quarter of the Triad. Tony Oxley: Fuenf Jahrzehnte improvisierter Musik. Wolke, 2011, p. 33 [2] Hans Arp: Ich bin in der Natur geboren. Ausgewaehlte Gedichte. Arche, 2002.



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