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Give Love (side A) by Red Trees

Album Description

Released:May 2nd, 2015

Full digital version (10 tracks) here: 

One magical weekend two years ago (almost to the day), we recorded our debut album (almost entirely live) in a small recording studio in Nottingham, UK with Tony Doggen (Spiritualized) and Mark Spivey (Kogumaza). We called it 'Give Love', for the joy we each felt in making it. It is our hope that something of the closeness, sincerity and intimacy of these songs is captured on record. 

"A couple of years ago my world had closed in, demons were everywhere and my mind had become a black and scary place. The song in my heart had stopped singing and music felt like some kind of far off frivolity. I was teetering on the brink of collapse when I was thrown a lifeline. Chris wanted to record our album with friends in Nottingham. 

What followed was an experience that poured into me like a healing balm. We sang and laughed and I was struck by the quality of the love that Chris and I share between us, in the way our voices weave into harmony and in the sweetness of our friendship. For the first time I let that love fully fill my heart. It felt pure and innocent. When I returned home I knew that everything had to change, and it did. 

So you see this album of ours ‘Give Love’ is not just a bunch of songs it is some kind of alchemy. It is the best moments of my life and the reason that I can breathe again. I dearly hope that you will enjoy listening to it and hopefully feel some of the magic that was spun making it." 


- Lou Richards (Red Trees)



Give Love (side A)
01. When The Rains (03:09)
02. Butterfly Shield (04:07)
03. Mountain (01:43)
04. Wendy's House (04:20)
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