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Red This Ever
LOCATION:Baltimore, MD
Baltimore based Synthrockers red this ever have been described as “the coolest triangular peg to fit in a square hole”. Their vast influences have made them hard to define, their love of music makes them intoxicating and their tongue-in-cheek performances makes them fun, fun, fun.Compared to the likes of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, The Cars and The Cure and influenced by such artist as Wolfsheim, Severed Heads, the Pixies and Joy Division, they have created a sound that is hard to label but far to easy to relate to.The crafting of uniquely dark and clever pop songs have made Red
This Ever a band for fans of all ages, with the potential to appeal to all points across the underground music board.Their energetic tongue-in-cheek performances have proven time and again that they are an act not to miss live. Sharing the stage with an eclectic variety of renowned artist such as And One, Iris, Das Ich, Orgy, Stars and The Sea, Attrition, TheStart, Shinny Toy Guns, Freezepop and more, Red This Ever believes that a good show comes from more than just the music, and they prove this every time they play live.visit us at: http://www.redthisever.netcontact email:



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