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 Razor Bois (1 Albums, 11 Tracks)


LOCATION:Moscow, Russia
  • Vova - guitars, vocals
  • Keith - bass
  • Gennady - drums, vocals
RAZOR BOIS is an antifascist band from Moscow, Russia. We play fast and hooky mix of traditional Oi!/street-punk, old school hardcore and ska-punk. RAZOR BOIS has a strong position against any forms of fascist crap (such as racism, sexism, homophobia etc), government oppression and nazi pigs in uniform (they also known as “police”). We also never hesitate to laugh in your pathetic face, elitist PC-snobs. Get a life! We think that the main thing about punk-hardcore is unity, friendship and mutual support. Without it - all those clothes, tattoos and tunes are nothing but another trend. We believe that all
of us - sxe kids and “drunks”, skins and punx must stand united before the face of our common enemies. We don’t support violence at gigs. The modern punk rock scene is a result of a team-work of many people around the world. Don’t be a fucking user, who ruin fun for the rest of the kids. Razor Bois were involved in setting of DIY non-profit all-ages gigs in Moscow which were open for everyone except nazi-boneheads and violent fucks. RAZOR BOIS also got a great honor to be on Insurgence Records’ compilation Class Pride World Wide 3. Our first CD is sold out, but right now we’re working on a fresh album that gonna be out in SPRING’08. (-via