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Geschmuggelte Kassetten 02 by Rafael González

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Rafael González - 'Geschmuggelte Kassetten'
Rafael González - 'Geschmuggelte Kassetten'
suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release Rafael González – ‘Geschmuggelte Kassetten‘! Under the seats of History there have been discovered smuggled tapes.We were able to identify them as Rafael González’ magnetics and were gratefully surprised wearing his shoes! “eclipse glimpse handled safely bliss returned vast smeared colors born as black fly
in fright simply put it was screaming vomit tearing guts for salted eyes watching esthetic terror shaped misbehave was lust for ever metallic sparks shaving minds tented lazy flesh without pleasure soggy wings tried to drag her down but never apart it could fact ween was over as paragraph lost it’s own science in history as seconds that’s how light’s architecture became dark after missed version predatory choice implementation … etc bla bla bla we have seen it all, and so on it goes…” -Jaan Patterson on date to date Download the whole package including Covers & Info from IA Rafael González - ‘Geschmuggelte Kassetten‘ here.



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