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Radio Aktiv is Antye Greie-Ripatti, Brett Bloom, and Bonnie Fortune. Antye Greie-Ripatti, Brett Bloom, and Bonnie Fortune came together during the two week Case Pyhäjoki Artists Respond to Nuclear Influence camp in Pyhäjoki, Finland. They worked together as an audio working group during the camp to record sound, create compositions,
lead group sonic exercises, and record interviews with relevant people involved in the Pyhäjoki community struggle against the possible construction of a nuclear power plant. The three artists have their own practices outside of this temporary collaboration. Antye Greie-Ripatti is the poemproducer. Originally from East Germany, she now lives and works on an island in Finland not far from Pyhäjoki as a vocalist, digital songwriter, producer, performer, e-poet, calligrapher, digital media artist, educator, and curator. Brett Bloom is a founding member of the collaborative artist group Temporary Services. Temporary Services is known for pioneering the emerging field of social practices art, with projects that involve participation, publishing, and community engagement. Bloom lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife, Bonnie Fortune. Bonnie Fortune is an artist and writer whose work focuses on the intersection of art and ecology. She co-writes the website with Bloom and is currently working on a book of interviews of artists working in the Nordic region whose work involves the environment. The audio working group’s sonic creations are done in service of the larger Case Pyhäjoki group and the activists living in and around Pyhäjoki.