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 R WE WHO R WE (0 Albums, 1 Tracks)


  • Ted Hearne
  • voice
  • Philip White
  • electronics

R Who We R We is a collaborative composition by Ted Hearne (voice) and Philip White (electronics). In this suite of short pieces, we deconstruct assertions of identity in pop music. We dissect songs by Michael Jackson, Ke$ha, Eminem and others, subjecting them to arbitrary processes applied to both lyrical and sonic elements. Measures are reordered, lyrics are alphabetized, the backup choir is given the solo mic; garbled lyrics become absurd poems couched in profundity, melodies from the processed text become vocal lines, those vocal lines become control voltages in a chaotic electronic feedback system; four-on-the-floor endures, autotune abounds.



R WE WHO R WE - "Hi Is My Name" (02:52)
R WE WHO R WE - "Hi Is My Name" (02:52)


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