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 RUiNU (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


LOCATION:Prague, Czech Republic
  • Jan Klamm, Ondřej Parus, Patrik Pelikán
RUiNU, from Prague, Czech Republic, is one of the creepiest bands in the world, and Eelmusic, slithering through the wet intestines of musical consciousness, infects, even stains the spaces it is played in with its sense of dread. This music is an empty void into which tradition and emotion are
pulled and crushed beyond recognition. This is not classical music, and it is certainly not rock. This is pure cannibalistic sound that eats these tropes and then secretes them as horror music. Should it be played on headphones, as is highly recommended, that stain will spread between the ears of the listener creating a sense of pending and barely contained violence, threatening at any moment to explode forth leaving the listener’s shattered head in bloody shards scattered across the ground. Onlookers who witness such events will speak of spontaneous combustion but we know better. And when the head fails to explode, the results are far worse, the mind imploding instead onto the dirty floor of a night tram, into a pool of thick red sauce lit by the flourencent lights, and smelly wet boots that periodically carry pieces of the sticky residue away with them.   RUiNU is a three-member group around KLaNGundKRaCH label specializing in free improvisation with fragments of noise and musical ruins. Jan Klamm (Kaspar von Urbach, k!amm, No Pavarotti) plays electronics, loops & manipulations, Ondřej Parus (Kaspar von Urbach, Head in Body) is responsible for electronics, amplified objects, synths, and Patrik Pelikán (Psychedelický flákač na odstřel) is a manipulator wind instruments. Under the name of The Ruin Of Ruins they used to accompany the mysterious, long missing songwriter Rouilleux.




01. RUiNU - I 00:14:50
02. RUiNU - II 00:12:49
03. RUiNU - III 00:07:53
04. RUiNU - IV 00:12:57
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